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Across our membership, we have representation from all corners of the sector. This extends into the evidence and research these partners produce to inform policy makers and the public. Please find below what we intend to become an expanding hub of intelligence, broken down by subject areas:



Children and young people



Depression and self-harm




  • Scottish Recovery Network: Meaningful Connections – how peer support in Scotland adapted to a digital world 






Impact of Covid-19 pandemic

  • Mental Health Foundation: Coronavirus: Mental Health in the Pandemic study: a multi-wave, representative study of the mental health effects of the pandemic on adults in Scotland.

  • SAMH: The Pandemic on Mental Health Services

  • Scottish Recovery Network: Staying connected – Insights and inspiration from people across Scotland on staying well during and after lockdown 

  • Scottish Recovery Network: Build Back Better – What a recovery mindset can offer the future Scotland’s mental health and wellbeing



Physical Health

Evidence & Research

Legal Research and Writing
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