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And so it begins!

The Scottish Parliament Election campaign is now underway. For the next 6 weeks, politicians from all parties will be engaging people across the country seeking their votes.

We intend to keep people informed of the key discussions around mental health and summarise what each party is saying once their manifestos are published.

We intend to also signpost any events and discussions during the election period relating to mental health. please get in touch if you'd like your event highlighted!

Pre-election announcements

Ahead of the election, there was a raft of announcements and publications relating to mental health, including:

  • A letter offering indications of where the £120m Mental Health Recovery & Renewal Fund will be directed, including £40m for CAMHS and £15m to tackle psychological therapy waiting times backlogs.

  • A Learning Disability/Autism Transformation Plan responding to the impact of the pandemic in a rights-based manner.

  • An annual set of quality indicators for mental health. it includes indications that, from the £1.077bn spent on mental health services, 56% was spent on inpatient support, and 39.1% on community.

  • A Scottish Government summary report from its national review of eating disorder services, with 15 recommendations to improve care for people with an eating disorder.

  • A summary of Healthcare Improvement Scotland work on early intervention in psychosis.

  • An evaluation of the Near Me video consulting service. It found 26% of consultations were for psychiatry/psychology services, with 10% for community mental health services.

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