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We are Scotland's Mental Health Partnership

Scotland's Mental Health Partnership is made up of 17 organisations from across the mental health sector. Each organisation contributes its direct experience and unique perspective to create an informed collective voice on mental health.

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Our Manifesto

Scottish Parliament Election Manifesto 2021

promote mental health and well being

better mental health and well being for the whole population

prevent mental ill health

mental ill health and distress in communities and groups at highest risk; and

Provide mental ill-health support

appropriate choice in the right place and in the right time to those experiencing mental ill health

Our Membership

SMHP News & Updates

Evidence & Research

Across our membership, we have representation from all corners of the sector. This extends into the evidence and research these partners produce to inform policy makers and the public.

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For any person / organisation interested in the Partnership's work. Please get in touch at If you would like to speak to the Secretariat, please get in touch at

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