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Promote, Prevent, Provide & the Next Scottish Parliament

Ahead of May's Holyrood elections, we were delighted to welcome leading spokespeople from each of the five largest Scottish political parties to discuss with the Partnership their priorities for mental health in the next Scottish Parliament.

Hosted by the Partnership's Chair, Lee Knifton, it saw our members and lived experience representatives have the opportunity to raise critical issues, such as community mental health services, assessing all policies for their mental health impacts and the need for a national self-harm strategy.

As part of the event, we recorded the opening statements by each spokesperson, in which they outlined their party's priorities for mental health going into the next parliament. Please find the clip below.

We greatly appreciate Alex, Alison, Carol, Miles and Emma engaging so positively with our members and their priorities, and make the offer to all candidates to provide a source of collective knowledge and experience to them, both now and if they are elected to Holyrood.

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